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Monthly Fishing Patterns

Walleye and Northern Pike


The early season start is the perfect time to find Walleyes in the shallow, cool waters off the sandy points and the flats. Northern Pike will be found near their spawning grounds, in the shallow bays close to the creeks and rivers.


Early June finds many fish still located in shallow bays and river creek areas as they begin moving around points and onto flats and island areas. By mid-June, Walleyes find the emerging weeds and great fishing is found throughout the lake system. Northern Pike remain in the weedy bays and start roaming rocky points adjacent to these bays, ready for any action thrown their way.


Those lazy, hazy days of July are perfect, with the weed beds in full bloom, as the Northern Pike are hitting the big plugs and spoons, while Walleye congregate near the weeds and along the edges of drop-offs. It’s the perfect time to gather the whole family to treat them to the ultimate Canadian Fishing experience at Procyk’s!

Fall Fishing

By mid August and September, Walleye fishing finds its prime time. Walleye are schooled up and aggressively feeding on jigs, lindys and spinners. Northern Pike are still consistently found at the weed beds and have been feeding up for the oncoming winter, which means a lot of action for the anglers. Along with the exceptional fishing, the spectacular autumn scenery in this part of the country is breathtaking, and not to be missed.

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It's the Fishing that will keep you
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For years fishing enthusiasts of all ages have been coming to Procyk’s Anglers Paradise to experience the abundance of Walleye and Northern Pike that can be found in the waters of the Gullrock chain of lakes. If you’ve been looking for a northwestern Ontario wilderness fishing trip, you need look no further than Procyk’s. Walleye and Northern Pike thrive on the varied structure that these waters are famous for, providing a great fishery and a self sustaining habitat. Located on Two Island Lake, Procyk’s gives you access to Gullrock, Ranger, Keg and Red Lake via chain of rivers and creeks. Walleye and Northern Pike are plentiful whether you’re fishing the sunken islands, weedy flats, steep drop-offs or creek fed shallow bays. We offer great fishing from the opening of the season in May, right through to the end of the season in late September.


To conserve and maintain this excellent fishing, the Gullrock Camps implemented a trophy policy. This calls for the unharmed release of any Walleye over 18 inches and any Northern Pike over 27.5 inches. This policy was implemented in 1992 and the results have been very rewarding for everyone involved. With the release of these prime breeding fish, our guests have contributed to the abundant numbers of good-size, eating fish and the consistent thrill of releasing trophy fish.

To show our commitment to conservation, and appreciation to our guests, we include conservation licenses in our 7-day Cabin Packages. We also have conservation licenses available to purchase for all other guests. We have been doing this since the conservation license was introduced and this has resulted in over 80% of our license sales being conservation, which means that a lot more fish are being left in the lake to ensure excellent fishing well into the future.